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How to freeze a cake for your first Wedding Anniversary 

How to dismantle a tiered cake for cutting

 Video- How do I cut this thing?

How to pick up a cake safely 

How to transport my cake
How to care for my cake

How to make Fantasy Fondant Flowers

Part of the fun of cooking is looking the part.
Here is a simple chef hat for you to make.
All you need are a few simple things.

  Jessica makes a cake to share with her school class. It has cute little fondant pencils, blackboards and apples.The cake was a big hit with the students and Jessica had lots of fun.

A selection of fun things to make in the lead up to Christmas. From Cake pops to Gingerbread houses, you are sure to find something to inspire you.

6 year old Dominic designs his first two tier cake.
Dominic used a combination of cutters and hand modelling

Teach your child to separate an egg all by themselves, with these step by step photo instructions from 6 year old Dominic