A 3D cookies decorating class for Hamish's 10th Birthday

CelebrationHamish’s 10th Birthday
Age group:   9 and 10 years old
Number of guests: 10
Duration of party: 2 hours
Name of cake decorating activity- 3D Stand Up Cookie Decorating

Hamish enjoyed a very special Cookie Decorating Party with his friends. 10 children attended the party, which was held in his living room at home.
Hamish chose Animal Cookies to decorate.

We started by making a lion. At first the children took a bit of time to get used to handling the cookies and the icing,  but they soon got the hang of it and enjoyed adding all the little details.
The whole activity took about an hour and a half.

Then the children had some food and sang Happy birthday. Not long after that the parents began to arrive and all the children rushed up eagerly to show them what they had made.

It was a fantastic afternoon and a great way to entertain the children if you want to have a party at home. All you need to provide is a table and chairs for each child to work at.

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