Parties-Costs & Facts

 Type 1: The Mini Cake Decorating Party

$245 for 6 people- additional people are $35each

Transform your cake. All you need to do is choose one of the themes below.
Don't worry, you gets lots of help and get to use all sorts of cool cake decorating tools.

Type 2: Cupcake Decorating Party

Cost is $260 for 8 people  - additional people are $30each

Each person gets to decorate 4 cupcakes,
so many designs to choose from.

Not sure what you would like to make?

We have had a lot of different cake decorating parties all over Melbourne. By clicking on the link you will be able to view some photos and read about the different parties. There are lots of themes and designs to choose from.


Travel allowance
This is calculated according to your location. For local parties within Manningham this is usually no more than $10. Other area depend on kilometres travelled. $30-$40 is average.

All mobile cake parties include:

1. A Personalised Cake Decorating Session.
We have had so many different party themes. You can select from one of our existing themes, or suggest something new.

2. An invitation file:
Sent to you via email for you to print at home.

3. A 5 inch cakes, 4 cupcakes or 4-6 speciality cookies ready to decorate.

Standard mini cake and cupcake flavours are vanilla or chocolate. Other flavours are available but may incur an additional charge. Allergies can be catered for if organised in advance. Cookies can be vanilla or chocolate.

4. An icing kit.
Each person will receive all their fondant coloured, wrapped and ready to go.

5. For smaller guests -apron to wear while you are decorating:
We have a selection of colourful aprons in various sizes to wear while at the party.

6. All decorating equipment needed for the activity:
Each guest will be provided with all the equipment and materials they need at the party. Rolling pins, special cutters and texture plates, might be just some of the things you will get to try.
7. A tray box to take your creations home.

More Party facts:

What age group are they suitable for?

Cupcake and cookie parties can be designed for children from 4 years of age, right up to Adults. Mini cake decorating parties are best for those aged 7 years and up.

How many guests?

Mini cake parties have a minimum of 6 guests.
Cupcake and cookie parties have a minimum of 8 guests.
Generally in a home environment there is a maximum of 14 guests, so that each person gets enough help. If you have other numbers in mind, please contact me to discuss. We have done corporate events with larger numbers.
How long are the parties?

Between 90 to 120 minutes is allocated for your party.
If you require me to stay longer than 2 hours, please let me know when you book. Additional fee apply.

How long do I need to invite my guests for?

For most cake decorating parties you will need to allow 2 hours, plus the time need  to eat if you plan to serve food.

What do I need to provide?

1.For the cake decorating activity all you need to provide is a place to work, with a plastic table cloth. This makes it very easy to clean up. I provide placemats for the children to work on.
2. You also provide any party food for the guests. Most families choose to serve food after the cake decorating has finished.

3. Some families also like to decorate the room where the party will be held. If you will be doing this, please let me know so I can make sure my colours coordinate with yours.
4. If there is anything extra we recommend for a particular activity, we will let you know! I am in regular email contact before the party, to make sure everything is organised.